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You are not black; this doesn’t concern you!

“You are not black; this doesn’t concern you!” I have heard/ read that sentence so many times this past week, it almost seems meaningless. It wasn’t always meaningless. The first time I read that on one of those sketchy handles on twitter, I had to make some serious efforts to reach deep inside my brain and make sense of it. The y  were simple words, simple  grammatical structure; simple enough for an immigrant with English as her third language to comprehend otherwise but somehow, I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand if the person was being factual, assumptive, cruel, condescending or just flat out ignorant. I still don’t know the answer to that but what I know is, after having several episodes of knots in my throat trying to hold back my tears and then several episodes of letting it go and wailing, I AM A “PERSON” BEFORE A PERSON OF COLOR, PERSON OF GENDER, PERSON OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION, MARITAL STATUS, SOCIAL STATURE and whatever else tags along. This is one of the few times
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Joys for $5

I got a new pillow today; nothing fancy, a $5 one from Gabe’s. But my little heart is so excited, it is uncanny. The concept of playing an adult is stigmatized as it is. Work like crazy to be able to afford dumb things like toilet paper and bottled water but it doesn’t have to be that way. With history of depression and an ungodly amount of desire to never get to a point of needing medication again, it is mandatory for me to look for joys in little things. Little things like an accidental curly fry (HIMYM reference ;) ), a whooping $5 pillow, a parking spot 2 feet closer ..... just anything.  Easier said than done, but we can sure as hell TRY. Like that one time you were so upset the jar of Nutella was practically empty but then you swirled a cup of coffee in it and made a hazelnut iced coffee; if you hadn’t done that yet, you are a proud owner of this fabulous idea btw; but point being: TREAT YO’ SELF (parks and rec reference) for every little thing because it has to start somewher

To my dear Hajurba!

I was a crazy kid! Well “was” is my attempt of making you feel like I may or may not still be that way. I couldn’t sit still or quiet for that fact. I had questions! So many ever loving ones and then I had my best friend, my grandfather who just really needed a break. He would bribe me with 5 bucks in exchange of 5 minutes of peace. I’m from a business family. Hustle comes naturally. I have lost count of how many 5 bucks did I stash before I was 5 years old.  Everyone that is close to me knows what he meant to me. He was everything. The guy that I loved the most, trusted the most and respected the most. I remember the way he smelled when he held me in his lap inside his blue blanket to keep me warm in winter months. I remember our secret shopping trips, how he knew what I wanted before the words came out. He was the Heinz ketchup to my Walmart frozen fries. He made it all better!  When he was gone is when I truly felt the need to grow up because he wasn’t gonna be there to catch m

Happy women’s millennium

Apart from being somebody’s mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, girlfriend and a long list of what nots, dear ladies let’s just be our own selves. No labels, just true selves, incredible selves, powerful selves, smart selves and everything else this world needs!  Be the explosion like that of the Big Bang! Be the ketchup to the plate of fries that the world is; the extra oomph, the one that adds flavor, joy and excitement! Be the exclamation mark that adds spirit to the sentence of life.  Have the best women’s day and have it everyday because you deserve it for everything you do out of habit, humanity, kindness, duty and love. Treat yourselves for being the incredible hinge that holds things together while allowing them to move! Be yourself everyday because ladies, while some days we might feel like riding a thin string is exhausting, the world around us cherishes and praises the way  we walk the tightrope with a smile on our faces making the lives around us possible. Congr

So she says !

“It’ll be okay”. She said with a stern voice while a piece of her was shrinking and dying. She had been crying! You could never tell. Thanks to her new found talent in make up. She had been reading quotes that said you can miss someone and not want them in your life ever again. Honestly, she was searching for a way to not think she is crazy.  Wars are terrible things. They destroy homes and lives and self esteem and hopes and what not but you know what’s worse? The war with yourself. The semicolon tattoos are popular for a reason! The push on the gas after you have hit the brakes at a red light on an uphill always requires an extra oomph unless you drive something other than a prehistoric Honda like myself. But the key is to push hard, to fight through the tears, to smile through the pain because there are other people that count on it.  She may be fragile and malleable, but when you carve it the right way, she will make monalisa look like a tramp. Every person has a story. Be ge